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Author: R.Navarro-Valls, J. Martinez-Torrón
Isbn: 9788498901344
Pages: 520
Publisher: Iustel
Publication Place: Madrid
Published/Year: 2011
Category: n\a


Conflicts between conscience and law in the Western world, far from decreasing, have invaded all social and political spaces. This book contains a detailed and documented analysis of conscientious objections in comparative and international law, and benefits from the authors’ experience of more than two decades studying this interesting legal phenomenon. Professors Rafael Navarro-Valls and Javier Martinez-Torrón analyse the most significant types of conscientious objections, beginning by those related to the protection of human life: objection to military service, abortion, medical treatments and other conflicts of conscience in the realm of bioethics. Together with classic objections, as those arising in the area of labour relations, the authors study other objections with more recent and visible significance: for instance, in the realm of education, in the exercise of public functions or in relation to religious garments or symbols.

Table of contents
The book index is available in pdf at  www.iustel.com/editorial/?ficha=1&referencia=90011018.


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